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Dear Parents and Guardians of Broadview Public School, Hurray! The last day of November is upon us and we are facing three busy weeks of December. I have a few updates for you - please know how appreciative I am that you take the time to read these messages! Broadview Snowsuit Donations Thank you to our amazing community for sharing clothing for those children in need. Our school is generously supporting York Street Public School this year as well. Many thanks to everyone who shared. OCDSB Speaker Series - TONIGHT November 30, 2017 — Dr. Susan Hopkins of The MEHRIT Centre Parents will be introduced to Self-Regulation, a powerful method for understanding and responding to their children's (and their own) stress, energy, and tension. Location: Sir Robert Borden High School 131 Greenbank Road 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Enjoy these free information sessions - sponsored by the District's Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) and supported through grant funding from the Ministry of Education. Parking Lot Finally, we have signage in our parking lot!!  Thank you for your patience with this. Please be mindful of the following parking lot guidelines: Our parking lot has a single entrance and a single exit. The entrance is between the Tower building and Nepean High School and the exit is at Avondale. There is no entry to our parking lot from the Avondale/Broadview intersection. This decision was made in consultation with our school council to ensure safety of our children. The parking lot is reserved for staff between 8:30 and 4:30 - please park your vehicles on a side street, respecting the local parking rules as posted. The drop off loop in the parking lot is reserved for OSTA vehicles (School Vans). Parents/Guardians may not drop children off in the parking lot I’ve been hearing quite a bit from parents and guardians about inappropriate use of the lot. The concern is obviously for the safety of children arriving at and leaving our school. At the end of the day, all I can do is trust that our community will respect these guidelines because it’s the safe thing to do for our children. I’ve spoken to many in our parking lot about safety for our kids. I thank you for being respectful, kind and understanding. I’ve also spoken with several grandparents who don’t have the benefit of receiving these messages. Please pass this info along to grandparents so they can avoid a conversation with me in the parking lot! Construction Updates Mr. Joe and I spent 3 hours today walking the school and grounds with the contractor. Deficiencies were noted and plans put in place to put finishing touches on the building. Our bike racks arrived today and were anchored to the ground. Paving is complete and most of the landscaping is done. Our school council is looking to support the addition of exterior furniture for students to use while on break. This is a long term project that will require some fundraising, and certainly very exciting for our students. Holiday Concerts and Celebrations At Broadview Public School, all faiths and walks of life are appreciated and celebrated. As we move into December, students who celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa will be encouraged to share their family’s traditions with their school friends if they are interested in doing so. We are looking forward to fun learning activities as well as a few concerts and the Snow Ball for intermediate students on December 15. Details will be following.  Should your family have any concerns about participation, please feel free to share these with your homeroom teacher or myself. Red Cross Babysitting Course (a message from the community) Canadian Red Cross Babysitting Course Tues Jan 2, 2018, Real Canadian Superstore Westboro 8:30 - 4:30 Promo Code: HHFIRSTAID to be shared in the schools to save 10% If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact: Jordan Turcotte, Director of Training Helping Hands First Aid Training 613-323-0469 info@helpingha
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Dear Parents and Guardians of Broadview Public School, With the cold weather, please remind your children to dress appropriately. As I write this looking out at Dovercourt Ave. snow is falling and the roads are icy. I ran into a young boy this morning who was wearing running shoes and an Adidas jacket. I reminded him that it’s now time to be wearing a hat, mitts, warm jacket and boots at the minimum every day. Students go outside every day for a half hour and 20 minute recesses. Here is the announcement that went out today to remind students about this: The winter weather is here and snow is on the ground. It’s colder  and icier, which means Broadview staff and students need to be extra careful when walking around outside. Wear your winter clothing (e.g., hat, mitts, warm jacket, boots, and snow pants if you want to play in the snow). While on recess, students may not throw snow. Snowballs are not allowed. This is because snow and ice that get thrown can be very dangerous and can cause serious injury.  The simple rule is that snow stays on the ground. Having said that, snow is a lot of fun!! So, while we can’t throw snowballs, here are 10 things you can do with snow while enjoying recess: 1. make a fort 2. invade someone else's fort (but respect the workmanship!) 3. make a snow angel 4. make a snowman 5. build a snow village 6. write your name in the snow 7. build a snow castle (like a sand castle made of snow) 8. bury your friend in snow, but not to their face 9. make a pile of snow, then run and jump into it (like a pile of leaves) 10. slide in the snow And remember to have fun! Announcements on the Website A reminder to parents and guardians that school announcements can be found on our homepage. You can also use this link: I also have a blog with all of my emails to parents - all on our new and improved school website: Cookie Dough/Magazine Subscription Fundraiser Today is the final day of Broadview’s cookie dough and magazine subscription fundraiser. Please send in any paper order forms and cash/cheques to your child’s homeroom teacher. Thank you for supporting our school!! Broadview Snowsuit Donations The Community Engagement Committee of the Parent Council are seeking your contributions of gently used winter clothing for this years Snowsuit Fund. Please see attached flyer for all details. Thank you for helping to share your warmth with other families in need. Thursday is a Friday This coming Thursday, our school’s timetable will follow a Friday schedule. We do this because many Fridays and Mondays are lost throughout the year due to holidays and PA days. Because we operate on a Monday - Friday schedule, the repeated loss of these days impacts learning as some subjects might only appear on Monday or Friday. To ensure an equitable loss of instructional time, Mondays and Fridays are made up throughout the year. How to Communicate Attendance with School At our school council meeting last Tuesday parents asked about the best way to communicate absences with the school. The answer is that it depends on when the message is being sent to the school. If you know about an absence in advance (24 hours or more), send the school an email at or call the office and leave a message on the attendance line (613) 728-1721. You should also let your child’s homeroom teacher know of any planned absences. If your child wakes up sick and is unable to come to school, you can email the school before 8:30 or call the school’s attendance line and leave a message. If your child’s pick arrangements change during the day, please call the school office and we will do our best to deliver the message to your child. Given the size of our school’s population (we have about 1020 students), please do your best to ensure that your children’s dismissal arrangements are arranged with you
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Dear Parents and Guardians of Broadview Public School, I told the students during this morning’s announcements that today is a big day for Broadview! Progress Reports go home today! If additional copies of the progress reports are required for your family, please make sure your child’s homeroom teacher is aware so that we can accommodate. Progress Reports are meant to start a conversation. Please sit down with your child and review this report. It is early in the year and an opportune time to ask children about their learning and to remind them that every day at school is important. Read through the comments and ask them about what they’ve learned so far, what they are looking forward to learning, what they enjoy, and what they find challenging. Engaging your children in conversations about how they learn is a great way to show them how much you care, and to model enthusiasm and joy of learning. Parent Teacher Interviews will be on the evening of Thursday, November 23 and the morning of Friday, November 24. Further communication regarding booking an interview will be coming in the next week. Remembrance Day Ceremonies @ Broadview PS We will be observing Remembrance Day on Friday, November 10, here at Broadview PS. Members of the community are encouraged to join us for the ceremonies. We will be having two ceremonies open to the public: Grades 5-8 - 10:30 in the gym until 11:15 Grades 2-4 - 1:00 in the gym until 2:05 Our Kindergarten and grade 1 students will be observing Remembrance Day at 10:40 outside the library. As this ceremony will have limited space for guests, we ask that you plan to join us for one of the two ceremonies in the gym. Thank you. Cookie Dough / Magazine Fundraiser The Holiday season is around the corner! Don’t forget to place your cookie dough and magazine subscription orders. Go to and use the code 3727815. Please use paper order forms if paying by cash or cheque (cheques may be made payable to Broadview School Council). Deadline to return orders to the school or online is Monday, November 20, 2017. Parking Lot Routines While we await our signage for our new parking lot, we are reminding our community that the main parking lot is off limits to the public between 8:30 and 4:30 pm. During these hours, the parking lot is accessible only to staff and OSTA vehicles. This parking lot has one entrance and one exit as well. The entrance is the single lane road between the old Broadview and Nepean High School, and the exit is at Avondale. Please do not enter the parking lot under any circumstances at the Avondale/Broadview intersection. Our school crossing guard was reporting excessive traffic and drivers engaging in unsafe practices. The small parking lot at the west end of the school off Dovercourt is also off limits at all times except for accessible parking - it may not be used to drop students off. Your cooperation helps make our school a safer place for our students. Updated Website Our website has been updated and now includes a link on the home page for our daily announcements. I’m also experimenting with a Principal’s Blog that will contain messages like this one you’re reading. The Blog gives you an option of subscribing to notifications, should you choose to do so. Thank you to our community for providing suggestions on how to enhance home/school communication. Please consider following our school on Twitter. We were pleased to see that the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change recognized our recycling efforts while visiting Broadview on the weekend! Dogs on School Property Our new soccer field is open and the students are really enjoying it. Please be reminded that dogs should not be on school property at any time of day or evening. Staying Safe Off School Property Many of our students walk to and from school independently, and many of our grade 7 and 8 students enjoy leaving school property during 1st nutrition break. I will be remi
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Dear Parents and Guardians of Broadview Public School, I hope you finished your yard work on Saturday because we’ve got lots of wet weather in the forecast! I have some quick updates for you for this week: Weather Kids need to run and play outdoors. With a wet forecast for much of this week, please ensure your children are coming to school prepared to be outside. We’ll send students out in a light drizzle. Students will stay in with heavy rain. This means rain coats, hats, rubber boots, and mitts if the temperature is cool. Website Upgrades Our website was recently upgraded and I’ve been working hard to add content. Should you have any suggestions of anything you’d like to see added, please send me an email with Website Suggestion in the subject line. Halloween Hallowe’en is fast approaching and many children are excited about this day.  If they wish, students may wear a costume to school on Tuesday, October 31st, however, accessories such as masks, toy weapons and jewelry should stay at home.  Please also ensure that the costumes are comfortable and safe for participating in regular school activities. In some classes, special activities have been planned for part of the day.  As a reminder, please do not send food for students to share unless you have cleared it with your child’s homeroom teacher.  We have children with life-threatening allergies and the health and safety of all of our students is our highest priority. Thank you in advance for your support. Regards, Dennis ParĂ© Principal - Broadview Public School Upcoming Events - these events can be found on the school calendar. Consider adding our school’s Google calendar to your own as it will be the most up to date source of information about Broadview events: Tuesday, October 31: Halloween Sunday, November 5: Daylight Savings Time Monday, November 6: Nepean High School Children’s Theatre (select homerooms) Thursday, November 9: Progress Reports go home Friday, November 10: Remembrance Day Ceremonies (Community is Welcome) Monday, November 13: Intermediate Music + French Field Trip Concert Tuesday, November 14: School Council Wednesday, November 15: OCDSB International Certificate Program Info Night (Grade 8s) Monday, November 20 - Friday, November 24: Snowsuit Fund Drive Thursday, November 23: Photo Retake Day / Tie or Bowtie Spirit Day / Friday Schedule Thursday, November 23 (evening): Parent Teacher Interviews Friday, November 24 (morning): Parent Teacher Interviews Tuesday, December 12: School Council Thursday, December 14, Friday, December 15: Immunizations Friday, December 22: Last Day of School before Winter Break (yay!) / PJ Spirit Day
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