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Dear Parents and Guardians of Broadview Public School, The Ottawa-Carleton Education Foundation provides funds for students in need across the city. As a principal, there have been numerous occasions where I've been able to connect a family to assistance because of the Education Foundation. It is an invaluable resource that allows us to assist those in the most dire need. Tomorrow is Toonie Tuesday, the Foundation's annual fundraiser. I'm hoping to collect a Toonie from each student in our school who is able to make a donation. I will have envelopes to collect from our students during our assembly tomorrow morning.  We are having a mid-year tune up assembly tomorrow to help remind students about expectations in the school, the classroom, and the yard. Please take a moment tomorrow evening to ask your child about what they learned during the assembly. I'm hoping for an answer that goes beyond "respect and stuff"! We'll be taking the opportunity to remind students about the importance of good behaviour, being kind, respectful and polite, healthy problem-solving, and talking about good decision-making skills.  We'll have a separate assembly for our youngest students so that we can accommodate as many as possible in our gym.  We're also going to cover yard boundaries. Since our yard opened in late Fall our staff have been supervising our students on the yard and learning about where they like to play and where they should not go. We'll be sharing a map of the yard with students outlining restrictions on where students can and cannot go on the yard. For example, our kinder yard is reserved exclusively for students in kindergarten. The large soccer field is exclusively for students in junior/intermediate. The play structure closest to the parking lot is for primary students only. Primary refers to students in grades 1-3, junior in grades 4-6, and intermediates in grades 7-8.  Finally, we'll cover what happens when poor choices are made. In most cases, a teacher will help resolve the issue. What does it mean to be sent to the office? What happens if you are, and how are parents involved? Why do we as staff intervene (to help students learn from mistakes, help clear up misunderstandings, and keep everyone safe!). We'll talk about restorative practices - a method of conflict resolution that helps all parties understand the harm that was caused, and seek to restore relationships. Our grade 7 and 8s will be presenting a science fair this Wednesday and Thursday. The community will be welcomed to see our students' work on Thursday evening. Please do consider dropping in! Also on Thursday evening there is the Understanding Mental Health and Addition in Youth talk at Sir Robert Borden High School, starting at 7 pm. See our school calendar for more details.  Our yard is currently quite icy. Our Chief Custodian Mr. Joe was out today spreading grit and salt throughout the day to help speed the melting of the ice and take advantage of the glorious sunshine. Unfortunately it's just cold enough for ice to melt and flow over more ice and re-freeze over the grit, making a very smooth slippery surface. We're asking all of our students to be very cautious when walking off the pavement in our yard and Mr. Joe will keep at it.  Thank you for reading through. I initially wanted to tell you about Toonie Tuesday and the assembly, but found much more to share! It's a great time to be a part of the Broadview Community! Warm regards, Dennis ParĂ© Broadview Public School      
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Dear Parents and Guardians of Broadview Public School, I hope everyone enjoyed a restful and happy Family Day weekend. Our family made it downtown for Winterlude on Saturday and enjoyed the canal, perhaps for one last time this year. On Friday our staff were quite busy learning about occupational health and safety and mathematics. The focus of our school learning plan this year is indeed mathematics, with a focus on problem solving during the first term. We will be delving deeper this term into how students learn fractions, a common source of difficulty for many children (and some adults!). I’m including some attachments with this email to assist with our school’s move to online payments. If you have not already done so, please have a read and register your family with our system. While we will continue to accept cash and cheques, I’m confident that you’ll find the online payment system to be more convenient. Should you have any questions about this system, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.   Message from Trustee Erica Braunovan: Budget Zone Meeting Feb. 28, 7pm In partnership with Trustee Menard (Rideau–Vanier/Capital) and Trustee Ellis (Alta Vista/Rideau-Rockcliffe) I will be holding an Open House/Zone meeting. There will be a short presentation on this year's budget and then there will be a Q&A session. This is an opportunity to share your thoughts / priorities with OCDSB Trustees and Senior Finance Staff. Date: Feb. 28, 7pm to 9pm Location: Hopewell Avenue PS 17 Hopewell Avenue, Ottawa in the Library. Everyone is welcome. Please share this message with your parent communities. Online Silent Auction This was a huge success! Thank you to our families who donated, our families who bid, and our families who helped organize this incredible fundraiser. I am looking forward to sharing my principal duties with William and hearing Claire do the morning announcements! Broadview Math Night for Parents - Thursday, April 5 Curious about mathematics education in today’s schools? Want to know what you can do to support your child’s math learning at home? Your school council’s Math Committee will be hosting Dr. Marian Small on Thursday, April 5 in our library. Dr. Small is a leading mathematics education expert and researcher and is a highly sought after speaker on math education. Stay tuned to our school calendar for more detailed information about this exciting event. Math Facts - There is No Such Thing as a Math Gene "One of the most damaging mathematics myths propagated in classrooms and homes is that math is a gift, that some people are naturally good at math and some are not." Want to learn how to foster a supportive math learning environment. Read on. Tooney Tuesday - Education Foundation Fundraiser The Ottawa-Carleton Education Foundation’s annual fundraiser is called Tooney Tuesday. It will be held this year on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. Please consider sending a Tooney to school with your child. I can tell you in my experience as Principal that I have been able to provide emergency support to families because of the Education Foundation on numerous occasions. I would encourage you to please consider donating generously. Thank you! Pink Shirt Day - February 28th In today’s digital world, it can be impossible to escape online bullying, whether it takes the shape of harassment, spreading rumours, sharing embarrassing information or threats. This year, Pink Shirt Day is encouraging others to combat cyberbullying by thinking twice before posting something negative, and instead using the internet to spread kindness - because we know that Nice Needs No Filter! Learn more here. Volunteers Needed The School Council is always looking for volunteers on a regular basis to help out with various school and after school activities.  More information, including the sign-up form, is available at the following link:
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